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Writing Your Story...

Writing Your Story...

Hello Loves, its Mic Mondays, so that means Lovey Speaks. 🎤

Let me start off by saying the last day in April (Sunday April 30th 2017) will forever be an epic day to me. All because I had the esteem pleasure of being among some fantastic women in a safe space hosted by ‘The Women Speak Project’ at the NGC Bocas Lit Fest 2017. The founder of the Women Speak Project Simone Leid and the writing facilitator Monique Roffey allowed for a group of women, some who had never met before, to share/tell our stories through writing.

As a blogger and journaler, soon to be book writer, I felt at home in this space of creatives. I entered with an open mind and was ready to absorb all that was going to be revealed to us. I was armed with my pen and notepad ready to take notes, jot down pointers and expand on any ideas that may have occurred to me while there.

Simone started the seminar off by welcoming us and giving a short synopsis of The Women Speak Project, its vision, mission and what the movement is all about. Monique then followed through with a brief introduction about herself, and carried us mindfully into a breathing exercise which encouraged the feeling and understanding of the power of the breath in each chakra. Soon after this appreciation practice, we sat down and began the day’s session.

We were introduced to two forms of writing by Monique, Free Writing and Conscious Writing. The Free writing was basically just allowing your hand flow with your pen onto the paper; we did this for a good half hour as words and some tears flowed effortlessly. After this exercise the words therapeutic and healing came up for me. Then we were on to the second type Conscious writing, which called for now thinking deeply about what was being written on our sheets of paper. During this exercise I deeply reflected on words such as creativity and awareness.

The point of all these exercises was to show us that we matter and our story needs to be told. We were reminded that one doesn’t have to be famous or rich to get one’s story out there to be told and heard nationally or globally.

My friends I want to embolden you to come just as you are as that is what’s most important. Come in your truest, rawest, most authentic state. No longer do you have to let misogyny, culture, patriarchy, race, censorship, politics, gender, sexual orientation or even a disability prevent you from writing your unique story. As I end this blog post today I wish to share a quote from our facilitator Monique Roffey: “IF YOU ARE OF INTEREST TO YOURSELF, YOU ARE OF INTEREST TO OTHERS”. Therefore, stand bravely and proudly and get to writing your story!

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